CESH 2017 — STRASBOURG — 7–9 décembre

Conference Proceedings

•  Speakers are invited to submit the text of their papers to be published in the conference proceedings.
•  The papers will be published as a collective book with ISBN number and as thematic issues in journals. For the journals, the papers will be selected after evaluation of their scientific qualities but also according to a thematic unit that may interest the journal (The language issue should also be considered).
•  For the proceedings and for the Journals, only the most accomplished articles corresponding to rigorous scientific criteria will be accepted for publication.
•  The texts will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the congress or by specialists appointed by the journals, who, by independent scholars appointed by the journals, will accept or refuse the articles or ask for modifications in order to improve them.

•  Authors must adhere to publication standards of the CESH, available by clicking on the button below:

The organizing committee requests that you respect the deadlines and publication standards.


•  The papers must arrive before March 15, 2018, in electronic form. (.doc or .docx / file named "first_NAME" of the author(s)). They will be sent by email to jallat@unistra.fr jsaintmartin@unistra.fr
•  Revisions: April, May 2018.
•  Publication of proceedings: Congress 2018.
•  Publication in journals: according to journal calendar