CESH 2017 — STRASBOURG — 7–9 décembre

New deadline for submitting a proposal: 30 June 2017

The call for papers is now closed.

Please follow the recommendations below and use the form at your disposal by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page

Submitting a proposal

The 21st CESH Congress will be organized in Strasbourg from the 7th to the 9th of December 2017.
The purpose of this international scientific event is to study the question of cultural transfers and intermediaries in sports, focusing on the diffusion of sports in the European area.

To read or re-read the scientific guidelines of the conference, click here:

The programme of the 2017 congress is organized around 2 types of scientific activities:
•  Plenary sessions, with conferences by invited speakers.
•  Presentations of the participants’ papers organized in thematic groups.

grè The organisers of the Strasbourg congress invite you to submit your proposals for papers on the congress website before the 31st of May 2017, deadline for the call for papers.

Instructions for presenting a proposal

• The proposals can be submitted in any European language. They must indicate all of the following:
    1. the subject which the author plans to develop during his or her presentation,
    2. the research problem he or she will deal with,
    3. the method,
    4. the results and conclusions that he or she expects to draw,
    5. the sources, corpus and references used.

• Proposals must respect the following rules:
    1. Font : 12-point Times New Roman, normal,
    2. Paragraphs : non justified, single spacing,
    3. Title (and subtitle if needed) in capital letters, left-justified, à gauche
    4. No initials in the title or the abstract, no images (pictures, charts, figures, etc.),
    5. The author’s name (skip a line), the institution he/she belongs to (skip a line) and his/her email address below the title, on the right, before the abstract. If there is a second author, the same information is required and must be formulated in the same way.
    6. references and footnotes included 500 words, references and footnotes included

Abstracts that do not respect these rules will not be accepted; nor will proposals submitted after the deadline.

Guidelines for submitting proposals

•  The abstract must be submitted electronically. To do so, prepare your proposal as a “.doc”, “.docx” or “.odt” file; no other file format will be accepted Name it "last name_first name" (of the main author). Fill in the form “Information about the authors”.

•  The research works proposed for the 21st st CESH Congress must never have been presented at another conference nor published before.
•  NB: The participants are invited to present only one paper as main author (but they may be co-authors of several papers).
•  After submitting your proposal, you will receive a confirmation by email stating that your abstract has been received by the organising committee,
Once your proposal has been evaluated, you will receive authorization from the scientific committee to present your paper during the Strasbourg congress..
•  Please note: these confirmations are not registrations; you will have to register for the congress by filling in the registration form and paying the registration fees.


Only the papers accepted by the committee will be included in the congress programme; they will be published in the abstracts book, provided that their authors have registered and paid their registration fees.

•  For any further information or in case of a problem linked to the submission of a proposal, you can contact us by clicking here: Contact us or by sending an email to cesh2017@unistra.fr

To submit your proposal, click the link below

Once you have submitted your proposal, don’t forget to register for the congress.